Labor Manager Is Available in the RigUp Mobile App

The ability to access work from a smartphone is critical for many working in oil and gas operations, especially while out on location where plans can change with limited access to the office. Our data shows that over lifetime of launching RigUp, mobile usage has steadily increased month over month. In fact, over 75% of new users who visit for the first time access the site from mobile compared to desktop.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Labor Manager Feature in our mobile app for oil & gas companies that work with contractor labor. Adding the accessibility of Labor Manager on the RigUp mobile app for E&P and OFS users is an exciting addition that allows you to work on-the-go. Here are three things you can do with Labor Manager on the mobile app:1. Onboard New Contractors

If you’re out on location, you can now onboard new contractors for your projects in just a few minutes wherever you are without having to wait until you get back to the office.

2. Check Onboarding Status

Stuck in a meeting and need to perform a status check? Labor Manager allows you to quickly check onboarding status for new contractors on your team.

3. Update Job Information On the Go

Plans change quicky in the business. If job details changes, you can easily access our mobile app to update your contractor’s pay rates and more.

For our E&P and OFS users who don’t spend the majority of time in an office, we hope the new Labor Manager feature in our RigUp mobile app is a way for you to keep operations moving and continue driving success.

Interested in trying the feature out for yourself? Download the RigUp mobile app in the App Store or Google Play Store today.

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