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Looking for energy work? RigUp has you covered.

RigUp exists to empower the people who power the world. One of the ways we do this is through our platform – the largest workforce marketplace in the North American energy industry. And the key to tapping into the power of that marketplace is your profile.

Whether your a long-time oilfield veteran or just wrapping up your first year as a roustabout, optimizing your RigUp profile is the best way to position yourself to operators and vendors needing to source contractors.

Optimize your RigUp profile.

We always recommend having a 100%, completely filled out profile on RigUp as it presents a complete picture to hiring managers. What follows are some key areas to pay special attention to.

Create a focused mini-resume.

A bit of a misnomer, the mini-resume is the first thing seen on your profile after your name and is limited to 160 characters. Obviously you can’t list work history or education in 160 characters, so this needs to be a short, powerful distillation of your experience in light of the types of jobs you want to find. In other words, don’t list your latest experience if that’s not the type of job you’re currently looking for. Let’s say you’ve spent a good portion of your time in completions and you’re ready to step up to a superintendent role, try something like the following:

A X year completions professional with experience leading crews, balancing budgets, and hitting deadlines in Y basins.

This communicates who you are, what you can handle, and the types of sites you’ve likely worked on. A hiring manager knows at a glance if you’re the type of person they need.

Be specific.

Your profile is the primary way to let vendors and operators know what type of work you’re looking for and what you’re qualified to do. Whenever possible be precise in your descriptions of jobs, certifications, or positions wanted.

For instance, at the top of your profile you have the ability to list services that you offer. Use this section to list only the types of work your want to do or are incredibly good at and are willing to do. Don’t list every little role you’ve ever had – definitely don’t list any jobs you aren’t willing to do.

This applies to your references too. We’ll get in to them in a little more detail later, but list only references that you know will be a positive, quality reference for the type of work you’re looking for or that can speak into your broader skill set or work ethic. Just because someone said they’d give you a references, doesn’t mean you should use them. 

Be thorough.

While services and references should be hyper-focused on the types of work you’re looking for, other areas of your RigUp profile need to be a little more complete – primarily your certifications and education.

Be sure to list every up-to-date certification you have. This is a great way to show hiring managers that you take your career seriously and are invested in being the best, most well-rounded employee possible.

In addition to your certifications, if you have any other formal training or education – college courses or degrees, continuing education seminars, anything you paid money and sat in a conference or classroom for – make sure it’s on your profile. 

Request recommendations.

In order to build your RigUp template you had to list at least one reference. Hopefully you listed 3-5 that were focused on the specific work you are looking for. If not, now is the time to correct that.

But to really stand out on the RigUp platform, you need to take it one step further. Just below your work experience is a Review section. Each of your references is listed there with a link to the right: “Request review”. Simply click the link and the RigUp platform will send a link to that reference and ask them for a quick 1-2 sentence review of their experience working with you.

This is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your profile. The more positive reviews your profile has, the higher it ranks in search results and the quicker operators and vendors will see you.

Update frequently.

The energy industry is a dynamic field. Different roles with different operators or vendors, moving from one basin to another, and new regulations or certifications mean there’s a constant need to fine-tune your profile. To ensure that you have the best chance of capturing an interview or a job poster’s attention, make sure you are regularly updating and tweaking your profile.

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