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How a leading E&P company cut water hauling costs by 28%

For exploration & production companies, managing and hauling water can be a time-consuming process, involving countless service providers and complicated logistics from well site to disposal site. 

One leading E&P provider operating in the Permian Basin knew there had to be a way to streamline the process to optimize their operations and reduce costs. 

When they came across RigUp’s digital solutions for managing service providers, invoicing, and task-based pricing, they kicked off a pilot program with the goal of improving operations across 40 locations.

The result? A 28% cost reduction by using RigUp’s water hauling solution. 


The Problem

The company needed to simplify their water hauling operations, with a deeper view into operational data, cost analysis, and hauler performance. With some of the highest costs in the Permian Basin, the operator needed to improve per barrel pricing while ensuring they were getting a high-quality network of suppliers. Additionally, this operator wanted to move toward a centralized operation to manage invoicing and suppliers digitally, and cut down on operational overhead. 

This operator partnered with RigUp for a pilot to handle all water hauling operations using a network of high-quality, vetted suppliers for all 40 locations in the Permian Basin. 


The Solution

Through this partnership, RigUp provided an end-to-end solution leveraging digital tools to centralize operational tasks such as onboarding, work verification and invoicing. This delivered a one-stop shop for the operator, with a high degree of service quality and competitive market pricing. 

RigUp’s platform provided insights into driver routing & logistics, with the ability to prescribe optimized hauling routes. Using RigUp’s platform, the operator was able to analyze cost at the hourly and per barrel level – leading the operator to shift to a more optimal and cost effective per barrel pricing model.  

As a result, the company’s water hauling operations saw a 28% reduction in cost after managing vendor operations with RigUp.  


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