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RigUp Families: Father-daughter team trim overhead with RigUp

When running an oil & gas consulting business, there’s no shortage of things to manage. Between the job itself, the paperwork, and taxes, it’s no wonder why oil & gas professionals often enlist family members to help their consulting businesses. We’ve spoken to wives, daughters, and other family members about how RigUp has changed the way their businesses work for the better.Meet Bobby, an oil & gas consultant with 40 years of experience in drilling, completions, workover, and more. Bobby has often relied on his daughter Jessica to manage the taxes and other paperwork that come with oil & gas consulting. Jessica was gracious enough to spend some time talking with us about how RigUp has improved managing her father’s business.

Hey, Jessica. Thanks for making time to speak with us about your family. So, how long has your dad been in the oilfield?

My dad has been in the oilfield since he was 17, and he’ll be 62 this year. He’s been in the oilfield his whole life. As far as consulting goes, he’s been with RigUp for the last couple years, but started when I was in – shoot – that would have been when I was in high school, so at least 10 years; if not, more. He ran his own company too, and has kinda done it all!

How has RigUp made managing this business easier?

I don’t help my dad often anymore, because RigUp takes care of my dad! I help him with his taxes now, but RigUp makes it a lot easier. Everything is more organized with RigUp than doing it on his own.

Has your dad been happier as a consultant?

With RigUp, my dad has been happier. The work is always stressful, but with RigUp, my dad is always talking about how his nice his rep [Austin] is. It’s hard. We don’t celebrate holidays together, or on the days they’re supposed to be celebrated, anyway. When I was in middle school, he was overseas in Venezuela for 50-something days at a time and would only come home less than a month. We’ve learned to celebrate holidays on different days when he was home rather than when they fell on that day.

Has your family been able to take more vacation since being with RigUp?

We’re taking our first vacation in a long time next week to Florida. The last time he and my mom went on vacation…probably 10 years ago. It’s hard to plan with all of us being able to go.

Because of our lower rates, have you and your family been able to use that money in a special way?

We’ve absolutely been able to use the money we’ve saved with RigUp towards something special. I have a 3-year-old little boy, Luke, and he’s the light of my dad’s life. The money we’ve saved has allowed him to be able to spoil him rotten. They’ve started him a little two-dollar bill fund, as well as another they keep in the safe.

If your friends and family had the opportunity to join RigUp, would you recommend them to join?

Oh, absolutely, because of what my dad has always talked about. My dad speaks the world of his RigUp rep. RigUp takes care of him, and he feels like he’s taken care of.

Thanks for your time, Jessica. We love learning about how families like yours have improved their businesses with us.

RigUp Families is a new blog series for oil & gas families to share what it’s like to have family members working in the industry and to highlight the hard work done by their loved ones in the field. Do you have a great story to share about a family member who uses RigUp? If so, send us an email at to share your story with us.

Interview conducted by Sarah Wong

Edited by Kevin Dooley

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