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Source Contractors with Screening Questions

At RigUp, we put our people first with every product we deliver. We’re excited to start the new year by giving our service providers and companies the option to create unique screening questions when posting jobs on RigUp.

The RigUp contractor base is filled with thousands of hard-working contractors looking for work, which can make it hard to find the right person for the job.

Our goal with screening questions is to enable hiring managers to easily filter through contractor applications and see top candidates at a glance.

A few reasons to get excited about screening questions:

1. Companies can now filter applicants by qualifications.

Now when you post a job, you’re given the option to add up to 10 yes/no questions for your applicants. Indicate desired responses to quickly weed out candidates without the necessary qualifications.

2. Companies can see top applicants by screening score.

Bring top candidates forward when you sort by screening score. We’ll rate your applicants based on the number of answers matching your preferred qualifications, and we’ll show you top candidates first in your results.

3. Companies can use suggested questions or create their own.

Customize the qualifications for each job by using a mix of our suggested screening questions and your own custom questions. RigUp requires that all screening questions are answered before a candidate can submit an application. When you review an applicant, you’ll be able to see every answer submitted.

With screening questions, RigUp helps you find top applicants faster. Post a job on RigUp to get started. We look forward to continuing to meet your company’s needs!

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