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How RigUp Simplifies Water Hauling While Reducing Cost

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For exploration & production companies, hauling water is an integral part of drilling operations. Yet, it can also be a time-consuming and complex process. From finding the right vendor, to scheduling a job, to completing and invoicing – managing water hauling operations is often costly and tedious.

That’s where RigUp can help. With Managed Field Services, operators have access to a network of vetted water hauling companies, helping ensure work is done on time, on budget, and runs smoothly from start to finish.


How RigUp Helps


Access to a vetted network of high-quality service providers

RigUp provides operators with access to a high-quality, vetted network of water hauling service providers, so they always have the best haulers for their job. With on-demand availability and fast response times, operators can rest assured their job will be done quickly, on time and on budget. 


A centralized water hauling operation with one end-to-end platform 

Our end-to-end platform provides on-demand services to field operations – from GPS route tracking to meter verification and seamless invoicing. Our on-demand services cut down on the tedious work of call lists, on-site verification, and manual invoicing and turn your field services into a well-oiled machine. All while empowering your team to reduce costs and handle more job sites.


Greater efficiency through field visibility and tracking 

Digital tools increase efficiency by accelerating the call out process, providing field visibility and fast access to tracking data. Invoicing and automated dispatching ensure corporate and field staff are in close communication, with the ability to monitor truck locations, tank levels, and job status from one consolidated dashboard. 

RigUp provides a comprehensive, reliable way for operators to manage their water hauling operations – making it as simple as a couple of taps on your phone or desktop. 


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