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Why We're Here

Over 70% of crude oil and petroleum products in the U.S. move through pipelines. At a cost over $7 million per mile, pipelines are a great investment but expensive to maintain and build. Increased regulatory oversight via PHMSA, FERC, and DOT only add to the cost.

Our solution provides managed services that drive operational efficiency and lower costs, while providing certified, vetted managers and inspectors across midstream disciplines. All while empowering pipeline professionals to take control of their pay and careers.

Connecting Pipeline Professionals

RigUp connects pipeline professionals with top midstream companies while providing best-in-class insurance options, better split rates, and fast, flexible payment options. RigUp empowers you to take control of your career with more money in your pocket for the same work, the largest network to find your next job, and access to training and certification opportunities..

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We can help:

  • Construction Managers
  • Chief Inspectors
  • Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Project Managers
  • Pipeline Inspectors
  • Welding Inspector
  • Coating Inspectors
  • Utility Inspectors
  • Environmental Inspectors
  • E&I Inspectors
  • Tank Inspectors
  • Young Pipeline Professionals
  • and many more…

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RigUp empowers you to quickly hire quality pipeline professionals with the largest workforce marketplace in the North American energy industry. In addition, our workforce management offering simplifies administrative overhead and reduces risk.

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Workforce management

RigUp is the smartest way to work. Our platform provides digitized solutions for everything from sourcing, onboarding, and payment processing to risk mitigation and compliance. Once your entire workforce is managed on RigUp, robust data gathering and analytics give you better operational transparency, enabling more accurate predictive models and budget forecasting.

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Operational Management

Our end-to-end project management solution removes the operational burden from the operator. RigUp builds the team, provides the equipment, and manages the supply chain based on the scope of the project. We ensure that the work is performed safely and to your quality standards. Then total costs are summarized and invoiced, all within the platform.

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