Putting Workers First

Resources to Navigate Challenging Market Conditions

At RigUp, we’ve always been about putting our workers first.

In light of the recent market turbulence and COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve put together these resources to help you navigate these challenging times.

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing

RigUp is excited to partner with Houston-based digital health organization imawareTM to provide expedited access to digital COVID-19 screenings for our workers.

Learn more about the program here.

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Relief Resources

We’ve created a guide to help you navigate the resources that may be available to you as a result of the instability caused by the oil & gas market and COVID-19.

Read more about the resources here.

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Safe Passage Letters

Safe Passage Letters allow you to travel to and from work sites notwithstanding shelter in place and stay at home orders and mandatory self-quarantine periods from air or road travel.

More about Safe Passage letters here.

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Free COVID-19 Safety Training

Our team has put together a complementary health and safety video about COVID-19 as a resource for you to learn how to better protect yourself from this virus.

Watch the free training video here.

COVID-19 Testing for RigUp's Workers

RigUp is excited to provide our workers better, faster access to COVID-19 screenings. That’s part of our commitment to putting the health and safety of our workforce first.

You can read more about the program here.



How it Works

Complete an online risk assessment through our partner imaware.
Workers classified as “at risk” will work with imaware to receive a PCR (nasal swab) test by a licensed medical professional.
Test samples will be sent to our laboratory partners for processing (typically 2-4 days turnaround for results).
Should the test come back positive, workers will have access to a comprehensive telemedicine program to manage illness.

Watch to learn more about the pilot:

(Source: Newswest9/TEGNA)


Relief Resources Available to You

Below are highlights of the resources that may be available to you during these challenging market conditions. You can read more detail about these resources in our blog post here.


Support for Individuals & Families
  1. Tax Delay
  2. Checks from the Government
  3. Additional Unemployment Benefits
  4. Paid Sick Leave
  5. Student Loan Relief
  6. Retirement Plan Distributions


Support for Businesses
  1. Tax Delay
  2. Small Business Loans
    1. Paycheck Protection Program
    2. Economic Injury Disaster Loans



Safe Passage Letters

Our HSE team has sent safe passage letters to all RigUp workers. These letters are valid for any workers traveling by air or by car within the state of Texas.

If you are driving from Louisiana to Texas, or need any additional help obtaining a safe passage letter, you can get in touch with our team here.

Finally, Our Thanks to Our Essential Workers

RigUp workers are the backbone that help keep our country moving.

Even amid this unprecedented outbreak, the majority of our workforce has been deemed essential personnel by state and local governments.

Building and maintaining our nation’s infrastructure is a mission critical job. Mitigating the risk of a potential outbreak on a job site is in the best interest of both public health and the continuity of critical infrastructure projects.

We thank you for everything you do to keep our country moving.

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