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Energy Outlook 2020: 5 Key Trends to Watch
The energy industry has gone through significant fluctuations. Find out what to expect in 2020 and beyond...
Oil & Gas 2020: 5 Key Trends to Watch
Here are five trends we think are key to monitor over this next year.
Offshore 2020: 5 Key Trends to Watch
The last year has seen the slow seeds of recovery in the offshore sector. What else does 2020 have in sto...
Midstream 2020: 5 Key Trends to Watch
While the US midstream sector has expanded over the past decade, market factors continue to put pressure ...
Solar 2020: 7 Key Trends to Watch
Solar power has begun to reach maturity and competitive feasibility. Where will the solar industry go in ...
Case Study: Workforce Marketplace
Some of the biggest operators in the energy industry rely on RigUp to source, pay, and manage a compliant...


Covid Testing Assets v3-02
RigUp Launches Rapid COVID-19 Testing Pilot For Its Industrial Workforce
  At RigUp, we’ve always been about putting our workers first. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, ...
worker helmet
Important Information About Safe Passage Letters
Why do you need Safe Passage Letters? Texas Governor Greg Abbott continues to issue Executive Orders in r...
RigUp Academy
Keeping You and Your Family Safe Amid COVID-19
View complimentary health & safety video about COVID-19: The health and safety of our workforce and t...
Our Journey to a Design Language System
When I started at RigUp four years ago, our journey toward a design language system had already begun.
How RigUp is transitioning to React
It all started with a five minute lightning talk at our Product, Design, and Engineering offsite in Janua...
RigUp’s 1st ever hackathon
With all the new engineers, we wanted to get to know each other and establish better working relationship...