Upstream Transportation

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Quality, professional upstream transportation services from RigUp to help your job site run smoothly from start to finish

Why We’re Here

Your work includes many moving parts, and we’re here to ensure worry-free operations, day in and day out. Work with us and know that your water hauling and hotshot trucking needs will be met.


Water Hauling

In the US in 2019, it is estimated that hydraulic fracturing will use 4.9 billion barrels of water, and produce 22.6 billion barrels. This means having a water hauling plan is of the utmost importance.

Managing water hauling, however, can be frustrating and inefficient. That’s why RigUp provides Managed Field Services for you and your team – to make water hauling a painless part of your operations. We’ll leverage our reliable, prequalified network of suppliers and independent contractors to execute work at real-time at market rates.

With our Managed Field Services solution for water hauling, you get:

  • Lower costs
  • A reliable network
  • Reduced operational burdens
  • Field oversight to ensure compliance
  • Increased internal transparency



Hotshot Trucking

Upstream operations are full of unexpected problems that call for fast solutions. Schedule on-demand delivery of tools, pipes, materials, goods, and equipment with RigUp for a quick and easy fix. We help you optimize your operations and mitigate potential problems before they occur.


Who We Work With

  • Completions Consultants
  • Completions Managers
  • Completions Superintendents
  • Control Center Managers
  • Control Center Supervisors
  • Logistics Managers
  • Production Consultants
  • Production Foremen
  • Production Managers
  • Production Superintendents
  • Water Resources Analysts
  • Water Resources Managers
  • Wellsite Supervisors

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