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Drilling Consultant

We’re looking for general Upstream Oil & Gas laborers across the US to work on commercial and industrial projects.

Job Description

We’re currently seeking experienced drilling consultants for a variety of onshore oil and gas projects, in addition to drilling supervisors, contract drilling engineers, directional drillers and drilling superintendents. Our clients expect the drilling consultant to perform their duties in a safe manner consistent with policies and procedures. Key responsibilities will include coordinating rig crews and ensuring all drilling operations are performed and executed in accordance with the operator’s drilling program.


  • Manage the day-to-day drilling operations and activities of onsite workers
  • Work with engineers and supervisors to optimize field operations
  • Ensure operations are performed in accordance with safety and environmental standards and regulations
  • Enforce site safety procedures and policies
  • Troubleshoot and maintain motors and rigging equipment
  • Strong knowledge of mud systems including water-based, oil-based and air drilling
  • Experience with a variety of well bores is ideal


  • Competitive compensation
  • Healthcare eligibility
  • Professional development and training