We’re bringing on-demand services to the energy industry at real-time market rates.

Our end-to-end solution leverages our network of qualified vendors, plus tracking and analytics, to turn your field services into a well-oiled machine.

Why We’re Here

The energy industry relies heavily on the completion of field tasks. Fulfilling these tasks is a frustratingly manual process of moving down call lists and going over task details, only to find out a provider is unavailable, before moving on to the next name on the list. On top of that, add in on-site verification, task completion confirmation, and 30+ day invoicing, and one task can turn into months of phone calls and paperwork. It’s time for a change.

Managed Field Services from RigUp reduces your operational burden – empowering you and your team to handle more job sites and drive revenue.

Optimize Operations

Take a load off. We monitor systems and manage dispatch requests 24/7 while our digital field ticketing system reduces paperwork and processing times. Simply post tasks to our app or make a phone call, and receive confirmation from a qualified service provider in minutes.

Drive Transparency & Efficiency

Reduce downtime and get visibility into spend with live location tracking, reporting, and analytics. See volume and production details, plus get driver GPS info all in one place – for greater operational transparency and efficiency, better forecasting, and reduced risk.

Pay Less & Get More

Save money by trusting RigUp Managed Field Services to utilize real-time market pricing and incentive-driven performance to deliver quality, vetted service providers at less cost to you.

Use your Preferred Service Provider

While we’re confident that our vetted, HSE certified network of service providers is more than capable of coming in on-time and on-budget, our platform also lets you bring your legacy vendors with you. Once they’re qualified by RigUp, you can specify that we run your list first.

Reduce Risk & Ensure Compliance

Prevent incidents with our extra layer of field oversight. RigUp provides unannounced field audits on suppliers every 2 weeks. Immediate corrective action is taken for noncompliance and safety infractions.

On-Demand Fluids Hauling & Management

RigUp is able to handle all water, crude, and chemical fluid management requests through our Managed Field Services solution.

How it Works

We identify, qualify, and onboard service providers by region and ensure they meet your requirements.
Tasks are immediately routed to vetted providers via our Managed Field Services mobile and desktop apps.
We track requests from dispatch through payment processing, and show service provider location updates.
We provide monitoring of tank levels, truck locations, and task status updates through one consolidated dashboard.
We provide reporting and analytics including daily cost estimates.

Our technology puts you ahead.

Data-Driven Dispatching

Our Managed Field Services solution optimizes vendor sourcing to reduce costs, accommodate operator preferences, and meet crucial timelines.

Reporting, Analytics, and Last Mile Data

We provide reporting dashboards with your total hauling spend, loads by location by date, and location data.

Digital Payments

Our end-to-end solution reduces paperwork and increases transparency.

Our solution is much more than just technology.

Network & Compliance

We give you immediate access to our prequalified network of vendors.

Workforce Management

Our dedicated team facilitates onboarding, conducts field audits, and drives adoption.


Our 24/7 operations team handles all dispatch requests, and provides customer service with a personal touch.

Service Provider Management

RigUp manages the entire transaction from dispatch to invoice.


We provide dedicated data/analytics support to make sure you have the information you need.


Take control of on-demand tasks with our Managed Field Services solution.